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LMS अंतर्गत STSSPM Applications कार्यरत झाल्यानंतर एक दिवशीय कार्यशाळेचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते.

power point presentation of faculty members on different chapters.

Department Of Science

Dept of Chemistry

Dept of Physics

Dept. of Botany

Dept. of Zoology

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Department Of Arts

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Video lectures by faculty members on different chapters.

Dr. Shankar Dhasade

1. Title of lecture : Crystal structure of material and change in properties

Mr. R S Gaikwad

1. Title of lecture : Bonding in compounds

Dr. Rite D. K.

1. Title of lecture : Mahanubhav Sampradaya

Dr. Mane K.S

1. Title of lecture : shabdacya jati

Mr. Shinde S.B.

1. Title of lecture :Economic problem

Mr. Bhanavase D.p

1. Title of lecture :Types of computer