Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

(Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell)

The sexual Harassment Prevention Cell was established on 10/10/2002 in the college as per the instructions given by the University. Now this committee is known as Internal Complaints Committee (ICC). The intension of committee is to justify oral and written complaints of the girl students as well as teaching and non-teaching women staff against sexual harassment in the college.

The committee organizes gender awareness programs and activities for the students and staff to prevent such victims in the campus. The committee also organizes some special program “Kalee Umaltana” (while the blood blossoms) for the girl students which is related to their health, mental, physical and intellectual development within them.

Mechanisms for submission of online-offline students’ grievances-2020-21
Mechanisms for submission of online-offline students’ grievances-2021-22
Mechanisms for submission of online-offline students’ grievances-2022-23


Sr. No. Name of the committee member Designation
1 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gaikwad Seema Annasaheb Presiding Officer
2 Prof. Dr. Mane Kisan Shankar Member
3 Ad. Kedar Rajeshwari Rajaram Member
4 Assoc. Prof. Shinde Sambhaji Bhagwan Member
5 O.S. Mr. Thombare Shamrao Bhagwan Member
6 Smt. Mane Vimal Sambhaji Member
7 Miss. Daunde Sanscruti (Student representative) Member
8 Mr. Gavade Sahil (Student representative) Member
9 Miss. Pirjade Khalida (Student representative) Member

Gender related programs conducted by Internal Complaints Committee (ICC/Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell) and Women Welfare committee-For Guidance and Counseling to students.

Year Name of program Chief guest Date
2023-2024 1. Health Awareness & “How to Cope up with Hormonal Changes”
2. Raising Day
Dr. Chougule S. R. Dr. Alpana Chougule, Kolhapur
Hon. Rupali Ubale, PSI, Sangola Police Station Mr. Abhijit Moholkar, police Constable-Incharge Cyber Crime
2022-2023 1. Sexual harassment and cyber-crimes aspects like violence,
2. Legal camp- legislations, cyber-crime, online robbery, Poxo etc.
3. “Looking at Youth”
4. “Kalee Umaltana”
Mr. Anant Kulkarni Police Inspector, Sangola Police Station
Chief Justice Hon. Mrs. Deshmukh S. A.
Bar council President and Members DYSP Rajashri Patil
Dr, Pradnya Lawate
2021-2022 Sexual harassment and Cyber Crimes at Colleges Mr. Nagesh Yamgar API, Sangola Police Station 22/10/2021
2020-2021 Women Exploitation at Colleges Assistant Public Prosecutor Mr. Sagar Bhupal Malage 22/06/2021
2019-2020 Nill Covid Pandemic Nil
2018-2019 1. Sexual harassment Act-2013
2. Legislations against Women Exploitation
Ad. Ashvini Mohite,
Ad. Rajeshwari Kedar
2017-2018 1. Different acts and discipline,Antiharrasment legislations.

2. Legislations against Women Exploitation

1.Rajkumar Kendre, PI Sangola Police Station.

2. Respected Court from Sangola tahsil.

3. Workshop on sexual harassment prevention with Aastitwa




2016-2017 1. Cyber Crime.

2. Good and bad touches.

3. Sexual harassment Act-2013

1.DYSP- Dilip Jagdale.

2. Dr.Ashwini Jadhavar.

3. Ad. Ashvini Mohite,

Ad. Rajeshwari Kedar




2015-2016 Beti Jindabad Abhiyan and Mahila Atyachar janiv Jagruti program Ajay Kadam, PI Sangola Police Station, Balasaheb Bansode- Ambedkar ShetiVikas Sanshodhan Sanstha. 11/12/2015
2014-2015 Antisexual harassment legislations Ajay Kadam, PI Sangola Police Station, Mr.Karche 29/7/2014,


2013-14 Speech on Self Defense Vinay Chopdar 3/10/2013
2012-13 Speech on “anti sexual harassment & Counseling” Mrs.Hema Dabir Ad.Rajeshwari kedar 31/07/2012
2011-12 Speech on “sexual harassment legislation” MAd.Gouri Lakade ,Ad.Rajeshwari Kedar, 23/08/2011
2010-11 Savitribai Fhule Death Anniversary&Woman’s Day celebration

Woman Parent Meet

Kali Umalatana

Prof. Neeta Pawar

Dr.Kamal Hardikar

Dr.Vaishali Kashid




2009-10 Rally-Save girl child(lek wachva abhiyan) Kali Umalatana Mrs.Vasundhara Kulkarni, Dr.Vaishali Kashid Dr.Priti Fule 25/02/2010


2008-09 One day workshop on premarital counseling Kali Umalatana Dr.Satish Kelkar,Dr.Sanjivini Kelakar Dr.Archana Kulkarini 07/10/2008


2007-08 Speech on “Counseling to the students” Ad.Aparnatai Ramtirthkar 17/10/2007
2006-07 Speech on “Safe working place for woman” Ad.Pawar S.S 15/09/2006
2005-06 Speech on “Atmbhan jagruti” Ad.Aparnatai Ramtirthkar 31/08/2005
2004-05 “While the bud blossoms” Dr.Sanjivini Kelkar 20/09/2004
2003-04 Speech on “sex education –the necessity of time” Dr.Sunita Gaikwad 30/08/2003
2002-03 Rubella Vaccination camp Dr.VijayBandgar,Dr.Ganesh Sapate, Dr.Amar Jadhav 30/09/2002
2001-02 Kali Umaltana Dr.Sanjivini Kelkar 28/08/2001

About the Complaints

The Sexual Harassment Committee is working for ladies employee and girls students.

They can give written and oral complaints to the committee .Until now no any complaint of ladies employee is received to the committee as there healthy relation amongst to the staff. Very few complaints of the girl students were received from girl students as there is secure atmosphere in the campus. The immediate action was taken by committee to solve the problem.

Complaints Received & action Taken in Last five Years

Grievance /Year 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024
ICC (Sexual Harrassment Prevention Cell) No Complaints No Complaints No Complaints No Complaints One Complaints One Complaints

Year Complaints By Grievance Action Taken
2022-2023 Miss. Nalawade Diksha, B.Sc. I

Cyber-crime on Instagram account by Pradumn Babar B.Sc. I Informed to the parents of Pradumn Babar to avoid such victim again. Apology letter was taken by that fellow.
2023-2024 Miss. Jadhav Renuka Vaibhav, B.Sc. I Molestation, taunting by Ghadage Digvijay Nandkumar B.Sc. I Informed to the parents. Apology letter was taken by that fellow.

डॉ। गणपतराव देशमुख महाविद्यालय अंतर्गत तक्रार निवारण समितीचा कार्यक्रम संपन्न

विज्ञान महाविद्यालय सांगोला येथे कायदेविषयक शिबिराचे आयोजन लैंगिक छळ प्रतिबंधक समितीमार्फत करण्यात आला होता.(09-11-2022)