It is expected to serve the entire staff, students & its alumni to help them in their academic work. The Library creates an atmosphere of mutual help & goodwill among the students, teaching staff and the library staff. It is a nucleus of the college for educating readers in right direction to prepare then to face the challenges of life and assert their rights. It provides necessary facilities to its readers to attend proficiency in the fields if their specialization and to assignment general knowledge. It serves as a center of providing recreation to its readers, which is vital for mental development, for enabling readers to utilize their leisure time, for engendering in them love for books & humanity & to be an enviable medium for helping use all round development of the community.

Grantable Books
Purchased book 11,817 Donated book 105 Total books 11,922 Titles 3262 Total Cost of Books Rs. 10,31,988 on purchase price.

Non-Grantable Books

Total books 3897 Total cost of Books Rs. 7,02,525.

Finance: The management spends approximately 1 Lakhs every year only for purchase of books, periodical & other reading materials.


Total Number Of Students : 9399

Total Number Of Teachers : 511

Working Days : 238

Avarage Of Visiting Library of Students : 9910

Avarage Of Visiting Library of Teachers : 238

Total : 41.63%

Students Books Issue Returned 2016-17

Months B.A B.Sc N.G
August 286 167 127
September 497 290 523
October 271 299 305
November 84 66 220
December 562 475 455
January 1158 502 569
February 296 392 608
March 109 88 709
April - - 741
Total 2863 2279 4257
Sr No. Name Designation Qulification
1 Mr. Karande S.M. Librarian(N.G.) M.A.,M.Lib
2 Mr. Khule V.Y. Lib. Asst. S.S.C
3 Mr. Randive D.N. Lib. Asst. S.S.C
4 Mr. Gaikwad D.S. Lib. Asst. M.A. , M.LIB.
5 Mr. Mulani N.J. Peon 9th Std.