The Code of Conduct for the Teachers

We the teaching staff of Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya, Sangola are aware and bound to follow the given code of conduct since we are proud to be responsible for the excellence quality in higher education.

We are aware and bound

1. To be punctual towards our assigned duties in the premises of the college.
2. To be thoroughly prepared in the course we are assigned to teach.
3. To treat all the students with love and affection on the way of their academic growth and development.
4. To be just and impartial to all the students irrespective of caste, creed, sex, status, religion, language and place of birth.
5. To guide and morally support all the students in their physical, social, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual development.
6. To inform the parents timely regarding the attainments and shortfalls of their wards.
7. To nurture the respect towards Indian culture and develop positive attitudes towards it among the students.
8. To treat concerned members of the profession in the same manner as he/ she is meant to be treated.
9. To participate in all the programmes, meant for the professional growth and development like in-service education, training, seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences, self study etc.
10. To cooperate the head of the institution and colleagues, involved in academic curricular and co- curricular activities held on and off the campus of the institution.
11. To take membership of professional organizations treating it as a professional responsibility.
12. To perform our duties within the framework of the constitution of our institution and affiliated regulation of our concerned university.
13. To develop mutual respect and trust through our professional activities and outputs.
14. To be devoted and punctual towards our assigned duties in terms of completion of syllabus and other concerned academic work on the way of academic growth and development of the students.
15. To produce good results/ outputs in the subjects handled by us and we are accountable for the same.
16. To maintain the equality, brotherhood, and integration for the societal peace and harmony on and off the institutional premises.
17. To follow the concerned instructions to maintain institutional mechanism as:
- Instructions concerned college and university examination(related internal and external assessment)
- Teachers are expected to be present in the college campus at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the function of the college.
- Teachers should be present in the college premises during allotted hours.
- Prior written permission is required from the principal at least a day in advance before availing CL or OD.
- Not more than 25% of the staff of a department will be allowed to go on OD/ CL/ RH on same time.
- Teachers should report the duty on the last working and reopening day of each semester.
- Teachers are barred from using cell phones while engaging the classes.
- All the faculty members should make use of ICT
- Use of parking place to park the vehicles to maintain premises discipline.
18. To be self motivated to galvanize our academic qualities by cultivating research and achieve the expert in our domain.
19. To conduct volunteer extensive classes for the students in terms of certificate, diploma and other carrier oriented programmes.
20. To offer our expected presence to solve anticipatory problems in case of emergency.
21. To do not damage the college property and not let it be damaged by others in our presence.
22. To be academically focused to uplift the identity of the institution in the society.
23. To be away from illegal and harmful political activities while performing our assigned duties.
24. To utilize optimum resource provided by the institution for the development of our academic profile to produce excellent result on the way of quality based, value based higher education.
25. To be devoted for the growth and development of our institution in terms of creating an identity in the field of higher education.
26. To follow the morals and ethics expected from teaching staff.
27. To maintain good moral character and to be an ideal in our profession.
28. To perform expected social and academic role to bring week and deprived elements of the society in the main stream of higher education.
29. To worship and just our work and contribute in the higher education towards excellence.