Code of Conduct for the Students

We the students of Dr. Ganpatrao Deshmukh Mahavidyalaya Sangola are aware and bound to follow the given code of conduct since we are the pillars of bright India in Future. We are aware and bound

1. To respect the constitution of India, ethics and regulations of the constitution, national flag and national anthem.

2. To perform our duty as responsible students of the college to words the hierarchy of the college, the teaching and administrative staff of the college with sincere respect.

3. To obey and follow the hierarchical regulations of the administrations of our college and the teaching staff with voluntary respect.

4. To be focused on our career on the way of identity as good citizen of our nation.

5. To utilize the college laboratories, the playground, the library and the office set up for our own welfare and retain their mechanism.

6. To keep the campus of the college clean and beautiful.

7. To aware of our misbehavior and its consequences.

8. To oath and follow non addicted life in terms of smoking and chewing tobacco; we are bound to create concerned awareness among others in the society.

9. To be punctual to words our academic schedule and co-curricular activities by being remain present 10 minutes before the commencement of the activities.

10. To treat the college property as our own property and we are bound to aware that our destructive deed leads towards the destruction of the institutional harmony which is harmful to us also.

11. To follow traffic regulation while on the road.

12. To be an ideal citizen of the nation in terms of our behavior to march on the way of our progress.

13. To maintain the societal harmony by the practice of equality, freedom, Justice and brotherhood in our society.

14. To maintain the balance of environment by the plantation and welfare the greenery in our surround.

15. To utilize the water carefully since water is our life.

16. To be eco-friendly in terms of our day to day domestic applications.

17. To preserve and welfare natural resources.

18. To not harm the nature directly or indirectly.

19. To participate and delight all the activities in the college on the way of our academic growth and development.

20. To care and help the students who are physically disabled and socio economically deprived.

21. To maintain the peace and harmony of the premises of the college.

22. To behave to retain the equality, brotherhood and integration in the college campus irrespective of cast, religion and creed.

23. To make proper utilization of music and other related electronic instruments in the college campus.

24. To proper utilization of the resources provided by the college and maintain the hygiene of entire physical infrastructure including the latrine toilets and washrooms and other.

25. To aware of the proper avail of the democratic constitutional freedom and concerned ethics.

26. To maintain morally good character for uplifting the identity of our college.

27. To optimum utilization of intellectual resources available in our college for our educational growth and development.

28. To follow and act instructions towards the success of academic activities on and off the college campus.

29. To be aware that the violation of the code of conducts results in assigned punishment.

30. We are bound to agree with the authoritarian rights of timely needful change in the code of conduct are reserved by college administration.